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No Down Payment for Braces

"Dr. Manning's work is beautiful & life-changing."

"I cannot even compare the level of care to to any other place. Dr. Manning is a smart, caring doctor. You wouldn't believe the difference in my child's jaw alignment and her profile. The transformation is incredible. The staff is one of a kind. Most friendly I have known. You won't be disappointed."

"Great orthodontist: He is so nice and very compassionate to my children. I've had two going through braces and couldn't have picked a better one. His payment plan is great. I didn't even have to come up with a large amount of money to get started. You go Dr. Manning!"

"My daughter, Riley, suffered from nasal congestion and headaches several days a week. After a week of having her expander, I began to see a huge difference in the number of days she complained of these symptoms. Within two weeks, I saw a huge difference in her appearance and smile. The teeth that were pushed out away from others already seemed less noticeable and this made Riley want to smile more. So glad I chose to take this step for her."

Dr. Kenneth P. Manning, Orthodontist

Improving Sleep, ENT Complications, Energy & Overall Health

Be Proud of Your Smile

A bite changing appliance can improve athletic performance. Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player Gaylord Perry wore one made by Dr. Manning. Gaylord says it extended his career by three years.

16,000 Smiles, 600,000 Braces

As an Invisalign Preferred Provider, Invisalign has helped many of Dr. Manning's patients. He began practicing Invisalign treatment shortly after it became available in 1999, so he has had plenty of experience and plenty of happy patients.

Headaches & Migraine Relief


Better Breathing, Better Posture, Better Performance

Invisible Braces for Adults and Teens

The habits or mouth-breathing of a 3 to 4 year old child can lead to crooked teeth or facial problems. For these reasons, Dr. Manning prefers to see new patients by age 6 or 7. This is the perfect time to begin orthodontic treatment to positively affect the growth and development of the jaws and teeth of a child. Directing the growth and alignment of the jaws and teeth early while making room for permanent teeth leads to healthier growth and development and shorter treatment times. This early treatment can help prevent bullying at school and improve ear, nose, throat, sleep and attention problems.

Dr. Manning has sculpted over 16,000 beautiful smiles right here in Eastern North Carolina. Chances are, you've seen his outstanding work and attractive faces. Nobody is more qualified to create your beautiful smile than Dr. Manning. Please call today to begin your journey to the smile you have always desired.

Early Treatment

Headaches can be a thing of the past with a vinyl mouthpiece that fits on the lower teeth, does not show, and does not affect speech. Many of the patients Dr. Manning has treated have endured extreme migraine headaches, and have even undergone CAT scans ordered by their neurologists. Introducing a vinyl mouthpiece often gives them the immediate relief they are seeking.

Orthodontics for All Ages

Finally, No More Migraines

Many of our patients have a small lower jaw and are diagnosed elsewhere as having teeth that stick out - commonly referred to as "buck" teeth. Dr. Manning corrects this problem by developing the lower jaw forward. Some patients have been advised by other doctors to have surgery to lengthen their lower jaw. Dr. Manning has not had a patient to need jaw surgery since the early nineties.

Sports Performance

Jaw Repositioning

Chiropractic of the Skull

Expansion of the palate is a simple and painless process that creates a healthier appearing face, space for permanent teeth to avoid tooth extraction, and turns mouth-breathers into nose-breathers. Dr. Manning has expanded the palates of over three thousand patients ages six to sixty-five, and many patients report the improvement or elimination of migraines, sinus problems, ear, nose, & throat problems, and allergies. Palate expansion can also help with ADD, ADHD, energy, athletic & academic performance, sleep, sleep apnea, and full-body posture.

Expansion of the Palate





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Eastern North Carolina


Dr. Kenneth P. Manning, Sr. has been practicing orthodontics here in Eastern North Carolina for over forty years. A native of this area, Dr. Manning graduated from Williamston High School, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and completed a two year residence in orthodontics. Dr. Manning has two daughters, two sons and five granddaughters. His chief hobbies have been raising children and coaching youth sports.

Dr. Manning has completed the treatment and smiles of over sixteen thousand Eastern North Carolina patients. His philosophy is to create beautiful natural smiles without the removal of permanent teeth, and the expansion of the dental arches and palate and balancing of the face by changing the position of the upper and lower jaw. He also strives to have his office atmosphere super caring and friendly.

"We have nothing but praise for Dr. Manning and his staff. Everyone there is wonderful. I have never met a dentist/orthodontist who is both passionate about what he does and caring toward his patients and families. Dr. Manning is both. He will sit down and talk with you to explain in depth what he is recommending and why. Fabulous to work with. Also, very educational and inspiring to my son who now wants to be an orthodontist. We usually go to his Washington office, but he is seeing my son today in Greenville after he got hit in the mouth while playing football! We drive 1 1/2 to 2 hours to see Dr. Manning and it is well worth it! My daughter will need braces next year, and I will not go anywhere else. Thank you, Dr. Manning!"

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